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The U.S. Army uses a standard helmet, officially known as the Tactical Ballistic Helmet II (TBH II). The shape of this helmet is familiar to anyone who has been in the military recently, or seen a soldier in battle dress: a rounded dome with squared-off sections over the ears and an adjustable chin strap.

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Quick word about how to put a cover on a PASGT style helmet. Quick word about how to put a cover on a PASGT style helmet.

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I received the helmet cover in the mail, with full military knowledge of how to put a helmet cover onto a PASSGT helmet. I tried it on both real-steal and airsoft PASGT helmets, and it WOULD NOT fit, as well as the color was extremely off (Marpat brown is a Coyote, this was almost yellow, as well as the green being almost neon)

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The Advanced Combat Helmet, or ACH, has replaced the old Kevlar helmet. The ACH is 3.5 lbs lighter then the old model and is cushioned on the inside, …

Tru-Spec 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Rip-Stop PASGT Kevlar Helmet Cover

Tru-Spec 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Rip-Stop PASGT Kevlar Helmet Cover- Made to US military specifications to fit PASGT Kevlar helmet Hook & loop fastener

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Extra shipping cost of $2.00. Helmet Cover, Desert Pattern (For G.I. Kevlar Helmets; Size Medium/Large) Product #: 702820. $5.94. Add to Cart. Add to My Saved Parts. Eligible for FREE shipping *. Helmet Liner Suspension, 8" x 7", Plastic Frame w/Foam Padding & Leather Strap, Used. Product #: 1774700.

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It should be noted that helmets are made from various types of materials including plastic and carbon fiber for a comfortable and lightweight design, non-conductive materials to offer protection against electrical currents and a Kevlar layer for protection and strength. The helmet designs usually vary slightly by manufacturer.

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Answer (1 of 6): So you are not being specific about which helmet you actually mean but I infer from your reference to Vietnam you are asking about the American M1 helmet which was adopted by US armed forces in 1941 and used until 1985? This is really 2 helmets in one. A steel outer ' pot ' as y...

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Motorcycle skull caps are designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool and dry when you're in the heat of the action. Certain skull caps are even treated with antibacterial properties to keep you smelling fresh all day. When the temperatures dip, a motorcycle skull cap can also provide valuable insulation under your helmet.

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Check out this step by step of how to upgrade your kevlar helmet with the pad suspension system dont have one get one contact us at

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US Made ABU Camouflage ACH and MICH Helmet Cover. ABUHC. Starting at $12.95. Made In USA. Made In USA. Make a Selection. Add to Wish List. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. New GI White Kevlar Helmet Cover.

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Your Price: $6.95. MSRP $9.99. You Save: $3.04 (30%) Put me on the Waiting List. ×. Put me on the waiting list. The item you are trying to purchase is currently out of stock. Please enter your name, email, and phone number below. We will contact you as soon as this product is available.

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Step 3: Applying & Cut Fitting the Carbon Fiber (Plus More Methods) 3 More Images. Since my object is flat, it is very easy to apply the Carbon Fiber vinyl. Place it on the Carbon Fiber and cut around your item, being sure to leave a little bit of vinyl on the edges so it can be trimmed exactly. After cutting the shape, clean your object and ...

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Replica of Russian helmet "6b28" which was put into service in 2006.Designed as protection for Airborne Forces.Consists of a set of combat equipment "Permyachka" and "Barmitsa-M1".About the replica: The helmet was completely copied according to the original model.Metal fittings and a sling are used as in the original.Adjustable universal size.

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The Official United States Military Issue Kevlar Advanced Combat Helmet - A.C.H. - provides improved ballistic and impact protection. Advanced Combat Helmet is based on the MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet ) design and provides an improved helmet to Soldiers, replacing the older PASGT (Personal Armor System for Ground Troops).

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[Build Help Request] Homemade Fencing Helmet Mask Cover & Equipment I've got a traditional heavy duty sabre fencing mask. Without having to buy the extra leather helmet covering how could I frugally make a sturdy full-contact spar ready HEMA helmet .

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Helmet Accessories Home / Shop / ACCESSORIES / Helmet Accessories. Accessory Mounts (46) Chinstraps (12) Counterweights (15) Helmet Covers (31) Helmet Rails (9) NVG Lanyards (11) Pads & Liners (10) Up Armor (10)

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EVO 152 Helmet. The trusty EVO 152 helmet is a single visor helmet that is sure to protect you from any possible elements you might encounter. Its lightweight shell construction guarantees comfort and protection using a combination of Kevlar and fiberglass. You will be able to communicate with ease with the EVO 152's microphone and ...

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The Tru-Spec Helmet Covers (Pasgt Kevlar) is just one of many Tru-Spec items we offer at one of the lowest prices on the internet. In addition to the Tru-Spec Helmet Covers (Pasgt Kevlar) we also carry a wide variety of winter items including winter gloves, fleece jackets, winter jackets, scarves, beanies and more.

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The best items for patching a bike tube. The best way to patch a bike tube using items that you likely already have is to use rubber cement. If you're an avid cyclist, rubber cement is a crucial tool that you should always keep on hand. If you don't have any, head down to the hardware store or buy some online.

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Description. Advanced Combat Helmet Cover Features: Fits Official US Military ACH and MICH Helmets. Installs with 6 Velcro Type Fasteners. Communication/IR Emitter Flap on the Back. Button Holes for Local Vegetation. Slotted to Allow Eyewear Retention Straps to Thread Through. Glint Velcro Type Closure Cover Straps on Sides, Top and Rear ...

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These items are in used condition. Marked L-2. LO13# PASGT DLA100-89-F-EA182-7528 UNICOR. Please review the photos as they are of the actual item you will receive. Auction includes US Military Ballistic Kevlar Helmet PASGT Unicor Large L-2 w/Cover only. Good Luck! Shipping- Payment- Return Policies: We accept payment through Paypal only.

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The German Kevlar Helmet, or the Gefechtshelm Schuberth B826, is the current issue combat helmet for the German Armed Forces, or Bundeswehr. As one would guess, it is a type of personal protective armor designed to protect the wearer’s head when engaged in combat operations. These helmets are constructed using Kevlar®, a synthetic fiber …

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"Great helmet! It makes me feel safe, and I would also feel comfortable using it to go hunting on the weekends. The side rails and front mount allow me to put different accessories in like lights and cameras, and the inner cushions are very comfortable to wear for many hours. Good stuff."