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Approximately 350,000 American women joined the military during World War II. To recruit women for factory jobs, the government created a campaign called "Rosie the Riveter.". Over 1.2 million Canadian women had permanent jobs in the private sector during WWII. More than 800,000 women served in the Soviet Armed Forces during the war ...

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In 1944, 80,000 women, known as Land , served in the WLA. ... Wearing gas masks. South African army auxiliaries put on their gas masks in this photo from April 1942.

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The gas was worse down near the ground and running away only made it choke you more. The best thing to do was to climb up to the top of trenches and hold still, although that made you an easy target. They still didn't have gas masks, but the medics had figured out a makeshift solution.

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Top 10 facts. During World War II, Britain was called 'the Home Front' – the war affected people not just fighting in armies on the front lines, but back in their own towns and neighbourhoods.; All the different plans and ways to help get Britain through World War II was called 'the war effort'.Helping the war effort meant anything from planting vegetables to making fighter planes.

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The masks are fitted with microphones and earphones so that operators can hear and speak to callers. Yet the masks remain gas proof. Operators are drilled until they can don their mask in less than 10 seconds. who have been through gas chambers declare they could work in the masks without discomfort. Photo shows, telephone operators ...

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Answer (1 of 4): Besides replacing men in industrial tasks - a major accomplishment - they worked in auxiliary services in the army, doing clerical work. Ronnie Hoye and W Sutherland Eddy have given good answers. Besides that, in "combat" role, women in England, Germany and the USA have crewed an...

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The notorious land- were much in evidence, with their city skills in make-up and nice dresses. Harriet did not in fact know everybody, far from it. Had the assembly gathered the older people of the village she might have done better; she …

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We were not affected by the war itself but were issued with gas masks and had to carry them to school everyday and practice using them. ... We didn't have any Land Army at the Knott but ...

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Yes, that's a gas mask on top of the medicine cabinet. The colors here are to-die-for! Very "land " in my opinion. Up in the loft there's sleeping for two. Cute teddy! Another look at the downstairs bedroom. Great pink paneling. Looking at the back of the property. Beautiful land. Front garden from a distance. Want to stay here?

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At its peak in 1944, there were more than 80,000 women – often known as 'land ' – in the WLA. Land did a wide variety of jobs on the land. They worked in all weathers and conditions and could be directed to work anywhere in the country. Here are 10 surprising facts about the work of the WLA during the Second World War.

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The revolutionary innovation was that land were allowed to wear breeches. This gave them the same freedom of movement as men when doing physical work. This development, together with the fact that some young women chose to have their hair 'bobbed' short, shocked most country folk. These new land workers were viewed both with ...

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Gas mask: A gas mask is a kind of mask that fits over the face area and nose. It protects from poison gases and many other hazards in the air. During World War II gas masks were sent all over England. They were worn everywhere, even to sleep, in case of surprise attack. However, the Germans didn't attack with gas bombs.

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Playing leapfrog, 1934. Above. Able seamen at the Royal Navy Anti-Gas School at Tipnor, Portsmouth play leapfrog wearing gas masks, to accustom them to carrying out strenuous tasks in respirators ...

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And we had 'land ' too, these were young women who went into the army and helped during harvest time as all the young men had gone away to fight in the war. ... We always walked to school carrying a gas mask in a brown cardboard box. We had to practice putting these on from time to time. I really hated mine.

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Gas masks were made of black rubber, which made it very hot and smelly - it was difficult to breathe when wearing a gas mask. ... The farm were known as Land . Other women were conscripted (forced to join) as radar operators, …

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This incongruous image shows innocent children playing happily whilst wearing their gas masks. Children were issued with Mickey Mouse gas masks which they seemed to take quite happily to. These brightly coloured gas masks were an attempt to try to make it more appealing to children and it succeeded to a point.

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Recreating an era: The Land were recruited to go to the countryside and help in the fields (L) and were always prepared for attack or invasion, with helmets and gas masks at the ready (R)

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After a barrage balloon slowly sinks into fields below, a troop of gas-mask wearing soldiers march past the camera, quickly followed by one of Herne Bay's rather sinister Casualty wagons. After an 'Air Raid Danger – Conceal your Lights' poster we see a sandbagged entrance to a public shelter from which a small emerges.

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At its peak in 1944, there were more than 80,000 women – often known as 'land ' – in the WLA. Land did a wide variety of jobs on the land. They worked in all weathers and conditions and could be directed to work anywhere in the country. Here are 10 surprising facts about the work of the WLA during the Second World War.

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Joan Galloway had been called up to the Women's Land Army in 1943.The day for Joan started at 7am with breakfast. After breakfast a lorry would come and collect her and the other land and take them to their workplace and then pick them up at …

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The Importance of Volunteers. The government realised before the war broke out that volunteers would be important to the war effort. To motivate people to begin volunteering they published a number of powerful speeches and persuasive posters. The two speeches on this page were designed to recruit volunteers to the ARP (Air Raid Precautions).

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16. Why were children issued with Mickey Mouse gas masks A: To make them less scared when wearing a gas mask 17. Which animal charity awards the Dicken Award? A: People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) 18. What was the estimated number of Land by 1944 A: 80,000 19. Who decides which city should host the Olympic Games?

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Land Army In Midlands Carrying On With Autumn Work (1914) Nice footage of Women's Land Army harvesting turnips and raking soil. British Pathé. Autumnal Work Of Women's Land Army (1917) Great footage of WWI land at work, hoeing, picking fruit and thatching. British Pathé. Land Army Part 2 (1914) Land Army at work in the ...

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The organisation of the home front transformed society. The mobilisation of women for industry, the rationing of food and clothing, the morale-boosting films and newsreels, the packing of parcels, the homecomings and the harrowing tragedies, all combined to make the global drama a uniquely powerful experience for all who lived through it.

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Land . Pretty headwear. Another pretty bobble cardigan worn by Sam. Flower cardigan + colourful scarf. No knitwear, but such a pretty coat! ... They are gas masks. During WWII there was a fear that the nazi's would drop poison gas bombs, so all British civilians were issued with gas masks. IT was quite a common sight in wartime britain.

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The masks were made of black rubber, which was very hot and smelly. It was difficult to breathe when wearing a gas mask. When you breathed in the air was sucked through the filter to take out the gas. When you breathed out the whole mask was pushed away from your face to let the air out. Woman wearing a gas mask.